Adam Koebel Headphones

A Full-Time Online Game Master: Adam Koebel – Episode 81

Though the creative storytelling hobby of tabletop roleplaying games have been around since the advent of Dungeons & Dragons in the mid-seventies, it’s only in the last few years that people have been able to present their play for others’ entertainment, and Adam Koebel is at the forefront. He’s currently the Game Master in Residence at Roll20, a platform for playing tabletop RPGs across the Internet, and GM of the RollPlay: Swan Song and Rollplay: Balance of Power campaigns for Twitch live-streaming channel itmeJP.

Adam also co-designed the award-winning Dungeon World tabletop roleplaying game and streams analytical content and video game play from Vancouver, Canada. Join me as I have a great geek-out over a shared hobby and chat about how modern technology is enabling not just RPGs as entertainment, but all us hobbyists a chance to improve our skills and find our audiences!

Thanks again to Teri Litorco for getting Adam and I in touch!


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Painting Miniatures, Knitting Clothes and a Good Day Job: Sim Lauren – Episode 80

Sim Lauren is in a position that we wish were less unique than it is; not only does she have two hobbies that she gets paid to play with, but she’s also working at a day job that she quite enjoys!

Sim has been a gamer for as long as I’ve known her (since the late nineties), and has turned painting miniature figures for wargames into an income stream, having recently completed a sixteen-inch-high Chaos Reaver Titan for commission. Not only that, though, she indulges her love of knitting and creating clothing by doing consignment work for stores across the UK!


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That Geek Caveman

Technologist for Hire: Shane Gibson of The Geek Cave – Episode 79

Shane Gibson has loved technology since he was a kid, and when he was made redundant from a full-time IT job, he decided to put his skills to work for himself as a freelance consultant, helping folks integrate their computers and electronic gadgets into their lives.

Shortly afterward, however, he discovered that the paperwork requirements for being self-employed weren’t for him, and he leapt on a job opportunity with a multi-state radio network that allows him to keep plying his skills with technology and computers for a full-time wage!

Shane and I have a great chat about not just how well (or not) new technology works, but also how it could help those with impairments due to age or disability overcome those handicaps. We also discuss the struggle of setting and keeping to your own rate, knowing what kind of work is right for you (including nine-to-five or on-call employeedom) and some of the perceived potential negative effects of being surrounded by so much wireless technology.


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WayneNichols Portrait

A Penciler of Superheroes: Wayne Nichols – Episode 78

It’s probably the dream of every comic fan to work for one of the major comics brands, and Brisbane boy Wayne Nichols has made it real; he is a penciler, the person creating the line art that forms the base of a comic book’s pages, who has worked on The Incredible Hulk and the official comics for the Orphan Black TV series. His work is not only critically acclaimed; it has also made him a guest at Australian pop culture conventions, where he gets to both be a fan and meet the fans of his work.

Wayne also uses his skills in visual art as an illustrator, creating art work for projects and story boards for videos.

It was fantastic to finally catch up with Wayne after meeting him at Tropicon and chat about his favourite titles as a reader of comics, his dreams of making it as a bassist in an alt-rock band and just what it’s like to do comics and visual art for a living!


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Sharing Tabletop Love on the Web: Teri Litorco – Episode 77

Teri Litorco is keen on all things tabletop gaming, but ferociously so on wargames using miniature figures, from the big kahunas of the scene like Warhammer 40,000 to heavy-hitting newcomers like WarMachine. Her goal is to demystify the at-times complex hobby for newcomers and ease them into assembling, painting and playing.

Teri has been assembling, painting, playing and sharing her passion for these figures and games online for years via text and video, but for the past few, geek culture website Geek & Sundry has been hiring Teri to add her enthusiasm to their brand!

Brace yourselves for a solid geek-out episode, folks! I got to share a fantastic hour and a half with this incandescent Canadian to talk about her favourite WarMachine side, being possibly the first female Games Workshop store employee in Canada, hanging out with geek luminaries like Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton and adapting the techniques of makeup and fashion vloggers to enhance your geek vlogging skills!


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Twerkin Gherkin - Classic Harley Quinn

Bringing A Little Magic: Twerkin Gherkin – Episode 76

Twerkin Gherkin has been a very busy cosplayer for the past few years. Not only is she a mainstay of the Australian East Coast scene, becoming an invited guest cosplayer to regional conventions, but she was also the first employee of Brisbane-based children’s party entertainment firm, Ever After Parties, where she enjoys bringing smiles to children’s faces, especially at charity events.

Twerkin and I get to have a great chat about her love of comic book villain / anti-hero Harley Quinn, knowing your audience and what you really want from your working life, the weird feeling of not being weird enough and the changes within the cosplay community over the last few years – not to mention fending off a dog invasion!


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The Indie Musician’s Web Designer: Ross Barber, Electric Kiwi – Episode 75

Many of us crave the big spotlight, attention-grabbing jobs, but as a result we overlook the roles just outside the spotlight that can bring real joy working for our kinds of people. Ross Barber was studying Popular Music Performance at the UHI Millennium Institute in Perth (Scotland) with an aim to become a working musician when an assignment building a website to promote a band showed him something he’d enjoy even more.

Hot out of university, Ross founded his own business, Electric Kiwi, in 2011. Since then he’s been designing web sites and album covers for independent bands and musicians. He’s levered the Internet to get work from clients across the world, and he gets to pick and choose the clients he’ll most enjoy working with. Not only that, he’s co-host of a video podcast, Bridge the Atlantic, featuring chats with musicians and creatives!

Listen in for a great chat about starting your own firm, managing a weekly schedule and the trap of niceness!


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A Regular Dude Living Simple and Free: Joel Zaslofsky – Episode 74

It’s always fun talking with a fellow podcaster, and Joel Zaslofsky has one of the best voices in podcast-land. He’s been recording Smart and Simple Matters, a podcast that helps people live calmer, simpler, more organised lives one interview at a time, for the last few years. He’s also completely self employed, letting his various interests in consulting, presenting and organising communities combine to cover his expenses.

We have a great chat about Joel’s FAOCAS scheme for organising your brain, the importance of communities in making changes to your life, the embarrassment about making your first thing and defining and redefining your personal brand.


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Jeff Saamanen

Crowdfunding Hope for Animated Sci-Fi: Jeff Saamanen – Episode 73

It’s my pleasure to kick Season 4 of the Podcast off with this chat with Jeff Saamanen, one of the two minds behind an animated sci-fi epic called Lost Hope. Jeff and his co-creator Natalie Harvey are currently running a Kickstarter to fund the first four episodes of this fusion of Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and Archer, and it’s my pleasure to help promote their campaign!

It was great fun to have a virtual sit-down with Geoff and geek out about science fiction, animation, independent projects and games in general! Please listen and enjoy!

Oh, and: Back Lost Hope on Kickstarter!


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What would you like for a Patreon reward?

So here I am, with some big goals for this year – heck, big goals for this half-year. I’m hoping you like the idea of more Paid to Play LIVE events, a longer reach for potential guests, an expanded ability to do video episodes

And I need your help to achieve them.

I’d like you to back the Podcast on Patreon. I’d like you to spread the word about the Podcast, tell your friends about it, let them know about the Patreon campaign and what I’m hoping to achieve with it.

But what I’d also like you to do is tell me what I can give you in return.

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