Creating on Skin and in Costume: Ash Chain – Episode 42

Forty-two episodes! Does that mean my guest for this episode is the Answer to the Question of Life, The Universe and Everything?

Even if not, it’s great to chat with someone who’s found some pretty good answers to the Question of Getting Paid to Play – and I mean answers, plural! Ash Chain is not only monetising her hobby of cosplay through print sales at conventions, she’s also been able to get into a day job that is all about artistic expression and her personal interests: Tattooing.

Ash has already made her name in both the Brisbane ink and cosplay scenes, and just recently she made the move from the Big Smoke to Cairns, where she will be running a stall at our first ever pop culture convention, Tropicon!

Ash Chain

Ash Chain Tattooist

Lady Chain Cosplay

What Ash Digs

Gil Elvgren Pinup (Tribute Site)


Rat Queens


Sailor Jerry

Craig Goss (Instagram)


Jessica Nigri

Kamui Cosplay



EVA Foam



ComiCon International: San Diego

Oz Comic-Con

Supanova (Gold Coast and Brisbane 2015)


Featured image by James Niland Photography