Promote your paid play! Market your monetised madness!

Currently seeking guests for Season 5 (2017)!
Will commence recording in late January / early February!

Are you making a book, a game, a movie, a TV series, an album, a course, a web series or other product or service based on what you love doing?

Are you going on tour or appearing at a pop culture convention?

Are you involved in a charity event?

I’m Rob Farquhar, host of the Paid to Play Podcast, and I’d like to help you get the word out about your passion.

The Paid to Play Podcast gives you the opportunity to not just talk about what you love doing, but also give your fans and customers a peek behind the curtain of your business at the person and the passion responsible for it all.

I’ve been chatting with people who’ve taken passions of all kinds and turned them into income streams since 2012. I love bringing out my guests’ enthusiasm, give them a chance to talk about their passion and their business in a way not often available to them.

How will chatting with me for an episode of the Podcast help you?

Your fans and customers get to know you, the being behind the business, better.

Telling the story of your journey builds emotional connections between your people and your business.

By explaining the steps you took and the lessons you learned, you establish yourself as an expert in your field, giving you even more mindshare with your customers.

You can highlight upcoming events, performances, product launches and specials.

It’s as good as speaking on a public panel with the extra benefit of no pressure from performing for a live audience.

Once they’ve downloaded your episode of the Podcast, listeners have access to your story and advice when they need it, building you even more good will as an expert in your kind of play.

And as The Paid to Play Podcast focuses on the broader theme of building an income around a passion instead of a specific sector of business, your episode will be all about you.

Leigh-HeadshotRob is very approachable, self deprecating in a gentle way which allows you to open up to him with the awareness he is not judging you or picking you apart but rather has a genuine enthusiasm for finding out more about people and their practical methods for reaching goals. He’s a learner. Soaks up information, shares it with pride and encourages those he meets to continue striving for their ultimate dreams. An encourager. A student of life. A thinker. And a very, very good listener.

  • Leigh dall’Osto, guest for episodes 6 and 13

Talking about getting paid to play

My aim when making an episode of The Paid to Play Podcast is to help our listeners get over the “don’t quit your day job” blues and start / keep going on monetising their madness.

  • How you acquired and continue to hone and evolve your skills and talents, make new and deepen existing connections and nurture and foster your confidence.
  • How you keep going in a world that would rather you left being paid to play to the megastars and got a (or focused only on your) day job.

I reckon your example will help our listeners and viewers get started on their own playful endeavours and keep going when things get tough or uncertain.

I’ll be asking you to tell our listeners about:

  • The early days of not just embracing your play, but asking others to pay you for it
    • your early wins
    • how you kept going in the face of discouragement (whether failures, seemingly huge challenges or those around you trying to talk you out of it)
  • The balance of keeping playful and sustaining a business (the reality of getting paid to play)
  • The never-ending journey: What’s next for you?

I also ask you for three things that you’ve learned while monetising your madness that could help a listener to get started or keep going on their paid play.

Getting together for a chat

I use the web-based phone call application Skype to connect with my guests and the Call Graph or MP3 Skype Recorder plugins to record our conversations. That means I can chat with you on your PC, laptop, netbook or smartphone. Thanks to Skype Credit, I can also use it to call your land line.

I’ve already chatted with guests from across the world, so I can accommodate any time zone differences.

Please fill this handy form in or get in touch via the Podcast’s Facebook page and I’ll reply as soon as I can about chatting with you for The Paid to Play Podcast!


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