Cosplay’s Best Mate: Beethy Photography – Episode 39

Beethy is a photographer based in Australia who has chosen to focus his craft on portraits of cosplayers; people who not just make costumes based on fictional characters, but also go out in public and bring life to those characters. That focus has garnered him not just a living wage but also a fantastic reputation amongst the international cosplay community.

Cosplayers around the world know that the name Beethy means eminently sale-worthy portrait prints of their craft and art, but they also know it means a fun being who brings joy to the process of making great photos. I got to sample his warm personality in this chat, during which he tells his stories of the community and how he became so well known within it.

Beethy also gives a good chunk of practical photography of business advice, including a crash course in taking good cosplay photos and the rules that Beethy built his business around. You may find his experiment into who produces the best photo prints to be a real eye ear-opener!

Oh, and there’s some random geeking out about video games and consoles at the beginning too! I love asking folks what they’re digging right now!

What’s your play?

  • What niche within an otherwise mainstream profession would you love to delve into?
  • What’s the most supportive community you’ve ever been a part of?

Beethy Photography

On Facebook

On DeviantArt

Beethy’s Store (StorEnvy)

Photos Mentioned

Assassin’s Creed: China Chronicles – Shao Jun -02-

TRON: Legacy – Siren 02

World of Warcraft Death Knight

World of Warcraft – Death Knights -01-

Cosplay and Cosplayers

TRON Legacy: Siren 02, by Beethy

TRON: Legacy – Siren 02, by Beethy

What is Cosplay? (my article)

Cosplay Crafting Hangouts (blog post by cosplayer Henchmenprops)

Ameno Kitaru


Hayley “Hayley Elise” Williams (Zero Suit Samus)

Jessica Nigri

Pokemon – Umbreon -01- (Jessica Nigri), by Beethy

Kamui Cosplay

Lindsay Elyse

Monty Oum

Ryan Brandt – Fake Nerd Boy

Sushi Monster (Chloe)

Willy Luffy Anders

Yaya Han


Darkain Multimedia

Larry Alan


Cameras and Lenses

Canon Digital IXUS: Beethy’s first camera

Canon EOS 1000D: Beethy’s recommendation for a starter camera

Canon EOS-6D: Beethy’s current kit

Canon L-series lens

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lens; Beethy’s recommendation for a starter lens


AniMania (finished in 2014)


The Journey Beyond


Other Links

Generalised Anxiety Disorder (Beyond Blue)




First Blood / Rambo (First Blood Part II) / Rambo III / Rambo

Images sourced from Beethy’s DeviantArt profile