The Best Of The Podcast

Your Top 5

As of January 2015, here are the five – well, actually, six episodes that you’ve downloaded or streamed the most:

#5: TIE! Episode 2 – Terry Serio, Veteran Actor and Musician and Episode 7 – Elizabeth Vaughan, Romantic Fantasy Novelist

TerrySerioIMDbNow this is a surprise! I have two episodes with the exact same number of downloads / plays! So, in date order:

First (or second): Evidence that nepotism is’t necessarily a bad thing! My second cousin Terry Serio has been a staple of the Australian drama scene for most of his adult life, and has added recording and touring musician to his portfolio. I chatted with him for my second episode about his history and how he maintains his career in the digital age.

rp_WARPRIZE2011_250.jpgSecond (or seventh): An example of what can happen when we decide that “when I get around to it” is now. Longtime “gunna” writer Elizabeth Vaughan was challenged by a friend to put her money where her mouth was – and saw a major international publisher release her (as of this writing) seven fantasy romance novels!

KSAmyMal#4: Episode 3 – Mal and Amy, KerSplatt Comics and Collectables

This pair made the seemingly silly move of opening a comic shop in the middle of a tropical tourist town. I chatted with them shortly after they opened and three years later they’re still going strong, moving to new premises with better public exposure!

Emazon-Stand#3: Episode 24 – Emma “Emazon” Barbato, Mind and Body Fitness Mentor

The fierce creature known as the Emazon exploded onto Australian television as a renegade coach in the 2009 series of The Biggest Loser. Four years later, I got to chat with the hooded warrior in the red gloves about her passion for helping people improve not just their bodies, but their spirits.

lukaslitzsinger#2: Episode 27 – Lukas Litzsinger, Lead Game Developer at Fantasy Flight Games

Many of us wish we could make the things that bring us joy, but Lukas Litzsinger is not only helping make new ways to have fun with friends at tabletop game publisher Fantasy Flight Games, he’s also bringing beloved yet out of print games, like the collectable card game Netrunner, back to new life!

And the most popular episode is…

Gavin Dunne, Miracle of Sound#1: Episode 5 – Gavin Dunne, Miracle of Sound

Proof that if one thing doesn’t get you there, then two things can! After his pop rock band dissolved on the cusp of success, frontman Gavin Dunne wrote and recorded a song about a video game hero which went viral amongst gamers. So he kept going.

Within a year, Gav had built a career as a one-man band writing, recording and performing songs based on games, movies and pop culture. Gav’s career not only pays for itself but also ALL HIS BILLS.

No wonder you all love this episode!

Rob’s Selection

In no particular order, here are some of my favourites outside the top five six:

Gerlinda Aras of Mirror Image Consultations.Episode 31 – Gerlinda Aras, Solopreneur Single Mum Style Maven

Gerlinda turned her love of fashion into a consultancy business helping individuals with personal style and major retail companies across Australia with their fashion catalogues and promotions – and juggled these with being a single mum.

HenrySmithJustQuit-225x300Episodes 23 and 34 – Henry Smith, Independent Game Developer

Henry achieved the goal of many gamers by getting a job with a triple-A video game maker – but quit to make his own games, including the successful iPhone and Android app, Spaceteam. I interviewed him shortly after Spaceteam came out, and then again in the midst of his successful Kickstarter campaign to find a year of independent game development.

rp_profile-pic.jpgEpisode 15 – Kelly Gurnett, Freelance Blogger and Content Editor

Kelly re-discovered her love of writing right when she thought all her shots at making it as a writer were long gone and has now quit her nine-to-five gig to become a full time freelance writer and editor.

DejiAdiaMjBImagesEpisode 32 – Deji Adiatu, Actor and Employment Consultant

Deji arrived in Australia with little more than a willingness to work hard – and turned an extra role in Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby into a screen acting sideline whilst helping others find jobs.

Catherine Caine, Owner/Operator of Cash and JoyEpisode 20 – Catherine Caine, Personal Awesome Business Coach

It’s always good to chat with someone of like mind! Catherine Caine not only believes that people can get paid to play, she’s based almost her entire working life around helping people turn their individual brands of crazy into operating businesses.