Channel Your Path

“Channel your path.” – Deji Adiatu, Actor and Employment Consultant

The curse of getting paid to play is that each of has so, so many ways to play, and when we engage that desire, we’re spoiled for choice!

Between having so many options and paralysing ourselves through trying to analyse each of them in order to find the “best” – we end up doing nothing.

Deji suggests that we pick one thing at a time. Instead of trying to find the best, just go with the most comfortable one. Trying anything else could well lead to early burn-out.

Once you’ve chosen that thing, commit to it 100% and give it everything until you’ve mastered it.

NOTE: Be willing to set your own terms for “mastery;” the dreaded “ten thousand hours” trap could result in you pursuing perfection so hard that your play stops being playful.

I suggest a yardstick of whether:

  1. people are paying you what you consider a fair price for your play, and
  2. both you and your customers are satisfied with the products of your play.

Once you’ve mastered one thing, Deji suggests, then you can start something new. That’s what he considers true multitasking; doing one thing in a reliable routine while you fiddle with and adapt to the new thing.

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