Evgeni Puzankov, Video Game Narrative Designer – Episode 119

Narrative designer for computer and video games Evgeni Puzankov works as a freelancer in the video game industry from his home base in St. Petersburg in Russia.

After working as an employee doing scripting and production for video games and becoming a lead narrative designer on Suricate Games’ title Panoptes, Evgeni went full-time as a freelancer in October 2016.

Since, he’s crafted narratives for the Steam Greenlight game The Long Reach and a few more games yet to be announced.

Evgeni Puzankov

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Evgeni’s Games

Depths of Betrayal

The Long Reach


Phantom Trigger

Evgeni’s Favourite Games

Darkwing Duck (Wikipedia)

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Source Engine (Valve)


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