Do I have to pay to play this podcast?

Nope, you certainly don’t! Getting Paid to Play is the subject of this podcast, not a limit on it; you can download any of the episodes from this web site or via iTunes.

From Potential Guests

How long does an interview go for?

I aim for thirty minutes of chat, which edits can sometimes cut down. I find that a lot of my chats go for around twenty minutes. Some interviews, though, have gone on for an hour!

Whatever happens, I record with an eye on your schedule, so let me know how much time you have and I’ll work within it.

I’m not comfortable discussing my income on record. Do we have to talk about it?

Not only do we not have to talk about it, I haven’t asked any of my guests about how much they earn and I’m not going to start! See, phrasing the discussion of getting paid to play purely in dollar terms can scare off those folks who are thinking of getting paid to play themselves. You know: “How the hell could I ever earn that much?!

Instead, I prefer to discuss the stuff behind the money; the things you do to make sure your play remains a viable business. Your processes, your play-work habits; these things are of much more use to those who can’t yet see how they can turn their play into a business, because they give my listeners things they can slowly adopt every day.

Patreon and Crowdfunding

I want to support the Paid to Play Podcast via Patreon. However, I must ask that in return for my patronage, neither you nor your guests discuss a person / organisation / event that is in competition with the organisation / event I represent.

Thank you very much for your interest in Paid to Play. While I understand your desire to avoid association with a competitor, I ask that you understand these:

  • My guests give freely of their time to chat with me for an episode. I do not pay them to appear on the Podcast. Their only rewards are the chance to pay their passion and their success forward and the opportunity to promote themselves and their paid play to my audience. I refuse to hamper their opportunity to promote their passions, even if aspects of their play may involve your competitor.
  • The goal of this Podcast is to give people real encouragement and honest information so that they can commence and / or continue on their efforts to get paid to play with the best odds possible. Episode length is the only limitation that I’m interested in imposing on getting as much quality information on getting paid to play to those who want / need it.

As I say on my Patreon video, the Paid to Play Podcast is and always will be free to anyone who chooses to listen. I will not hold the Podcast hostage for a Patreon payment nor a sponsorship deal.

I ask that you consider your patronage a matter for yourself as a private individual supporting something that you enjoy instead of a sponsorship by your business or organisation (I am happy to keep your donation private if you wish). If you or those associated with your endeavour do not feel comfortable with that separation, then I thank you again for your interest and suggest you seek marketing opportunities elsewhere.

Got a question that isn’t answered here?

Please, get in touch!