Episode 8: Jared A. Sorensen, Game Designer

It was Australian gamer Steve Darlington’s describing Jared A. Sorensen as the “foetus horribilis” of the tabletop roleplaying game design set that got my attention. From there on it was all downhill as I followed Jared from the web forum RPGnet to The Forge and bought myself a copy of his game InSpectres, still the most fun tabletop roleplaying game I’ve ever played or game mastered (and would love to play or GM again regularly).

I managed to catch Jared on Facebook one Saturday and asked him about interviewing – it turned out he was available right there and then! I connected my recording kit and got a good half hour chat about his design process, his full-time job in game design and how empanadas are key to his upcoming martial takeover of New York City.

What’s your play?

The cover of InSpectres

InSpectres, Jared’s RPG of busting ghosts for fun and profit.

What’s the most fun you’ve ever had playing an RPG?

Have you ever wound up using your hobbyist’s skills in your day job? How did that affect your appreciation for / time with your hobby?

How are your plans for hometown domination coming along? And what strange mechanical beasts keep you up at night?

Show Notes

Jared A. Sorensen’s web site and RPG brand, Memento Mori

Plyfe, Jared’s employer





Burning Wheel and Burning Empires



The FreeMarket roleplaying game.

The FreeMarket roleplaying game, co-written by Jared and Luke Crane.

Luke Crane

Vincent Baker

Other Stuff

That’s right, InSpectres has its own movie adaptation!

From Cairns to New York City, them harvesters are cuttin’ the cane…

Funny, that empanada doesn’t look as sharp as I was expecting. More tasty, though.

Images sourced from the Memento Mori website.