Episode 18: Jeffrey Rufino, Social Media Guy

It’s easy to think about starting your own business in terms of how it’s going to solve your fiscal problems, but if Jeff Rufino were happy with simply bringing the cash in, he could have stuck with playing poker at the Casino every night.

Instead, twelve months ago, Jeff took a chance on a belief of his – that social media could help Cairns’ struggling businesses get more customers through the door – and went into business for himself. In that time, he’s built himself a reputation as the local Social Media Guy, has formed a company of equally passionate individuals and is still going strong.

I’m very happy to have sat down with Jeff over Skype and talked about how he got to where he is. His passion, his confidence and his honest desire to help people out shine through as he speaks!

Are you curious?

What problems are bothering you? What are the griefs in your life you want to fix?

Who are your mentors? Who can you call when you need help?

Show Notes

Jeffrey “Social Media Guy” Rufino

Cairns Local Marketing

On Facebook

Jeff’s Team

A Sampling of Jeff’s Clients


Rob Pyne – The 4868 Report

Other Links

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Images sourced from Jeff Rufino’s LinkedIn profile.