Joel Zaslofsky: A Regular Dude Living Simple and Free – Episode 74

Organising and simplification specialist Joel Zaslofsky has been spreading the word about removing the un-necessary from your life ever since a personal Renaissance that made him realise that he wanted to set a better example for his firstborn child than working at a job he didn’t care for.

Since then, Joel has been interviewing people about how to live as sanely as possible in this cluttered, noisy world of ours in his podcast, Smart and Simple Matters. He’s also written a book, Experience Curating, aimed at helping people both discover their purpose and cure “leaky-brain syndrome.” On top of those, he organises conventions for those who wish to live simply, called SimpleREV.

At the time of our chat, he’d just embraced his core passion so much that he’d recently rebranded his site, formerly Value of Simple, to