Helping People Get Paid to Play: John Williams – Epsiode 63

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John Williams has done all sorts of things. Though he’s a writer, blogger and coach at the moment, he’s programmed special effects software for movies and TV, done work for the BBC, and even been a stand-up comedian. The one through-line of his recent efforts is his choice to not work to anyone else’s job description or schedule for a living.

John has taken his experiences in getting out of the rat race and turned them into a blog called “Screw Work Let’s Play” which has since become a book (with a second one due in July 2016). The blog and book feed into the coaching courses he offers to help others find their own thing (or selection of things) in life. Naturally, I had to get him on the show!

John and I have a great chat about what the process of ditching the nine to five is really like, the conflict between experimenting with work for low pay and not settling for less than pro rates and how the current education system still moulds people for factory-era work.


… it has never been easier to find an idea, make it happen and make money out of it. The Internet now and all these services out there are like an enormous toy box of things that we can use  for little or no money which do remarkable things that weren’t available even five years ago.

And most people just aren’t even bothering. They’re spending their time on Facebook reposting other people’s jokes… It’s kind of like someone giving you a Ferrari and you driving it around everywhere in first gear.

Part of the problem is that people imagine you have to have a killer business idea before you do anything…

Go and experiment. There are worse things than putting a thing on Fiverr, advertising yourself and trying out a skill, selling yourself for a skill for the first time… and the fact that you sell yourself for something ridiculous for a quick bit of work, doesn’t mean you’re doomed to do that forever.

The reason you’re doing it is to give yourself experience and also to play out your ideas. You’ve got to experiment with: What is it I like doing? What is it I’m good at? What is it the market responds to?

– John Williams

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