Make sure what you’re looking at interests you.

“Make sure what you’re looking at interests you.” – Michelle Ward, Entrepreneur

“Passion” gets over-used. You can be led to expect that you need to wait for play that grabs you by your very soul and drags you into doing it at every opportunity, and that anything less is ripping yourself off.

Yet sometimes, what you think is passion is actually novelty – the rush of exploring something unknown.

Once you start to define and make familiar the new thing, the “passion” diminishes, and you start wondering whether the thing you thought was your thing really is.

“If you want to be good you need to put in the time and effort,” says Michelle Ward, who generates a fully-supporting income from on-line businesses that she started out of an interest in infant education. “Make sure you’re happy to make a long term investment.”

In order to keep going, maybe it’s worth looking at what you out your time and effort into without that rush of novelty. Maybe it’s worth talking about “interest” instead of passion.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in pursuing something because you’re simply curious about it. Expanding your knowledge and ability in something can only be of benefit for when your true passion rolls around – or perhaps it’s an indicator that you’ve already found it.

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Featured Image: “Storm of the Century” by JD Hancock. Used under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.