Episode 3: Mal and Amy, KerSplatt! Comics & Collectables

I bring you two interviews for the price of one download; a great pair of interviews with Malcolm Semmens and Amy Milligan, owner-operators of KerSplatt! Comics and Collectables, Cairns’ only dedicated comic book store and fast becoming a second home for the geek population of Cairns!

Amy Milligan and Mal Semmens.

I ask Mal and Amy just how much work they’ve done to turn a random idea into an operating business, how they balance selling their hobby and indulging in it – and in what new ways opening and managing a shop can actually be fun!

What’s your play?

What’s your favourite comic series or graphic novel?

If you were to open a store based around your hobby or passion, what would you sell?

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10 thoughts on “Episode 3: Mal and Amy, KerSplatt! Comics & Collectables

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  2. Adam

    Hi, it’s a bit after the fact, but things like this always remind me that I have a long term dream to open a comic and gaming store.

    1. Rob Farquhar

      No worries, Adam! Always glad to read a new comment.

      How are you doing with that dream? What do you reckon you could do next in order to forward it, even just a little?

      1. Adam

        At the moment, there isn’t much I can do except run numbers/pipe dream. A baby under 12 months is a bit limiting to major life changes (just starting to get used to that one!!)
        Thanks for your questions; they remind me to keep thinking about it.

        1. Rob Farquhar

          All the best with it, Adam. I can understand how a youngster means juggling priorities!

          If there’s any questions you’d like to ask that would help you along the way and anyone you’d like to ask them to, let me know, eh?

          And have you listened to my chat with Gerlinda Aras? Her business is a little different from comics and games, sure, but she started in retail and her youngster was the incentive to make her own business!

        2. Rob Farquhar

          Actually, Adam: Tomorrow night I’m chatting with the gent who owns and operates the Friendly Local Game Store for an episode of the podcast. What would you like me to ask him about his business and how he got going?

          1. Adam

            I’d appreciate it. More information is better than none! 🙂
            Questions about start up capital, distributors etc are what weigh on my mind.

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