Episode 19: Matt A., Actor

Have you ever had that thing that you discovered that you both love doing and you’re good at? You know, that thing you told yourself would never work, so you put it aside in favour of learning a skill that you could employ in the nine-to-five?

Matt A. has: Acting. But after trying the nine-to-five for a while as a marketer, he decided to give his vocation a shot, heading to New York to train in film and television, then to the UK to build himself an acting career in Europe.

Now that he’s back in Australia’s fair shores, I caught up with him on Skype to talk about how he returned to his vocation and the work he’s done since – including becoming a gun-toting military badass in a short science fiction action film!

Are you curious?

What dream did you put aside in favour of what seemed a more secure option? How did you go back to it?

What big leaps have you taken in your time? How did you prepare for them?

How cool do you look toting a prop gun?

Matt A.

Training in Acting

The New York Film Academy



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Featured image by Eye Media Studios.

Insurgency image sourced from Matt’s Facebook profile; photo credit pending.