A Friendly Local Game Store in the Tropics: Mick Archer, The Wicked Goblin – Episode 35

Opening a friendly local game store in an out-of-the-way, tropical tourist town might seem downright crazy, but Cairns boy Mick Archer has not only done it, he’s made The Wicked Goblin a success. He focuses his store on the people who play tabletop games as much as, if not more so than, the products themselves.

Exterior of Wicked Goblin friendly local game store

The exterior of The Wicked Goblin.

In my latest location recording, Mick and I chat about his background in both gaming and hospitality, how Mick built his war chest for The Wicked Goblin and the importance of not just having friends and family in your corner but also having a true partnership in your business.

Thank you again, Adam at Sprue Grey, for your questions! I hope my chat with Mick helps you open your own Friendly Local Store soon!

Please stick around after the interview for an update on my own paid to play progress!

What’s Your Play?

What kind of shop would you like to open?

Which shops do you look at and say, “I’d love to do that someday…”?

The Wicked Goblin, Cairns’ Friendly Local Game Store

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Wicked Goblin play tables

The play tables of The Wicked Goblin.

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Mick Archer's homemade terrain.

An example of Mick’s home made scenery, complete with Hordes figures.