Episode 12: Mur Lafferty, Author and Podcaster

Mur Lafferty is one of the first podcasters I ever listened to. When I decided to take a crack at writing again, I stumbled across Mur’s podcast I Should Be Writing and downloaded as much of it as I could – which is a lot of episodes. Just recently, Mur recorded her 250th episode – and that’s not counting all the extra episodes she’s done.

I Should Be Writing is for people who want to be authors what I hope my podcast is for people who want to follow their passions. Though she has a strong genre focus, Mur interviews authors who have secured themselves publishing deals for any works, asking them about how they write and how they got published. Not only that, Mur gives all us wannabes a little moral support by talking about her own progress to published authordom.

That’s right; Mur Lafferty is also an author, with two novels (one published and one self-published), a series of novellas and a raft of short stories – not to mention another novel coming out next year via publisher Orbit Books!

But not only is Mur a podcaster, she’s a podcasting professional. On top of I Should Be Writing, Mur is the senior editor of the science fiction short story podcast, Escape Pod (for which she also writes and narrates) and host of the official podcast of UK publisher Angry Robot Books.

So I just had to interview her about how she gets it all done!

Are You Curious?

What are your favourite podcasts?

How do you juggle your hobbies and / or sidelines?

Show Notes

The Murverse

I Should Be Writing

Escape Pod


The Angry Robot Podcast

Mur announces The Shambling Guide to New York City, coming in 2013 from Orbit Books


The Secrets, by Michael A. Stackpole


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Fallout 3

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria – because who doesn’t want to play a panda?

The Secret Lives of Gingerbread Men

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Once Upon A Time

True Blood

My Life as a White Trash Zombie, by Diana Rowland

A Discovery of Witches, by Deborah Harkness

Feed, part 1 of The Newsflesh Trilogy, by Mira Grant.


Scott Sigler

Jeff VanderMeer



Featured image sourced from the Murverse; taken by JR Blackwell.