Patreon and The Reason: Early Plans for 2016

So here we go! The Paid to Play Podcast’s first official Season will commence in the next couple of months; in the meantime I’m working to make sure this season goes a lot more steadily and coherently than those previous (even though they weren’t technically seasons, just semi-consistent runs of episodes – which is why I want to make sure Season 4 is as tight as possible).

I want to place myself so that I’m bringing you great chats on a regular basis, but also getting back on the horse with regard to getting paid to play – and getting Patreon to help me do some cool things for the podcast this year.

What cool things? Read on…

Early Goals Met


As seen on iTunes!

After a year or so of ignoring it, I finally got around to updating the podcast’s iTunes album cover. this was made very easy thanks to the PowerPress plugin I’m using to manage my episodes. It’s a little on the black and white side, but in a sea of colour, I’m hoping it stands out a bit!

I’ve also re-done the banner for the website and Facebook page. The old one was photos of my initial few guests, and rather than try and update it I went with the podcast’s title and logo, which is more in keeping with the overall, simple theme of the site at the moment.

So, what’s next?

The Website and the Reason

I’m working on a revised version of the About page. The current one is okay, but it’s really all about the fun I have making the show and not so much about what’s in it for you.

I’ve made a first draft, which takes the second and third sentences of my introduction of the show: an “exploration of the dangerous idea that bringing our whole selves, especially the parts we worry make us seem silly, geeky or odd, into our income generating lives is one of the best things we can do. It mightn’t be easy, but it’s easier than we think (and even fear).” and goes into more detail on what they mean for the podcast.

From that, I want to re-do the Fancy a Chat? page, which again is about how awesome it is to get paid to play and how awesome my potential guest is, rather than what I’m hoping our chats will do for the audience.

I’m going to give these a week or so to get past the first draft stage and edit them down before I put them up; as I noted in Episode 68, I’ve put things out in the rush to get attention before they were ready in the past, and I want to make sure I’m presenting the Podcast in the best possible way before I make the changes.

Patreon and This Year’s Goals

Oo4th_patreon_nameThe Patreon page is bopping along well. At the end of last year, a patron signed up at the $5 level – my first backer of over $3.00 per episode – which means that my initial milestone of funding Paid to Play’s basic expenses has been met for 2016!

I’ve shied away from messing with Patreon, mainly as I’ve not been sure what else I want to do or what sorts of rewards I can offer. Now, though, I have a couple of specific milestones in mind:

  • Video. After having dabbled with video logs last season, I want to get the majority of Season 4’s chats down on video (I’d say all, but the first chat I record for this season will definitely be audio only). The only problem is finding a decent Skype video recording plugin. Another podcaster recommended TalkHelper, which at the time was free; since then it’s  gone up to US$50 for a licence.
  • Replacing my netbook. Unfortunately,  my long-suffering netbook finally bit the dust late last year when the plummet after a breaking bag strap wrecked the screen. I’m not sure whether I want to replace it with another netbook or just get a decent mobile / handheld recorder, which might be a bit cheaper. Either way, I definitely want to get my hands on a mobile unit soon, because of my next milestone:
  • Hosting a panel at a pop culture convention. I’m in early discussions with the organisers of an upcoming con to host the second Paid to Play LIVE! panel in mid-2016. Making it happen involves hurdling a few obstacles; the aforementioned mobile recorder, so I can actually turn the panel into an episode of the show, but also getting to and from the convention itself and covering accommodation.

I’ve done some calculations, and in order to meet these goals in enough time to purchase travel tickets and accommodation ahead of the con and be kitted out to record any panels, I’m looking at needing $60 – $100 per fortnightly episode.

Can it be done? Possibly; it’s ten $10 backers or twenty $5 backers. I’m going to need some cool rewards to get people in, though, and at the moment I’m thinking:

  • Voice and / or video thank-yous, as well as things like voicemail answering messages and even readings for higher-end backers.
  • A fortnightly, hour-long group get-together for patrons via Skype or Google Hangouts, a combination hangout / brainstorming / confidence-building session. I’m thinking one session Saturday morning, one session Sunday morning so I can get 6-12 patrons in per session. Probably aimed at the $20 per episode backers
  • A fortnightly, half-hour-long, one-on-one hangout / brainstorming / confidence-building session for five to six $40+ backers. With these I can be a bit more flexible on time.
  • A fortnightly, hour-long, one-on-one hangout / brainstorming / confidence-building session for one to two $60+ backers.

What about me getting paid to play?

Outside this podcast, there are a few avenues I’m examining. I don’t want to say too much about them, but I’d like to run one idea past you all,see what you think:

How would you like a fellow geek with great presentation and speaking voice to… officiate your wedding?