Episode 1: Raymond Masters, Self-Published Author

After interviewing my web host, I realised that it was both pretty scary and heaps of fun – so naturally, I wanted to do it again! This episode, therefore, is the first of the newly-rechristened Paid to Play Podcast, where I talk with folks who are making money out of having fun.

Raymond Masters.

I’m quite proud to have as my first guest someone who’s getting paid to play the way I want to be – by writing superhero action novels. Raymond Masters has already completed and self-published Forging Truth (you can buy it both in paperback and as a Kindle e-book on Amazon) and is currently touring blogs across the globe to spread the word about both it and his next novel, Corrupting Truth. He has a Kickstarter campaign underway to fund his promotion of both books.

In this podcast, we get to to have a good geek-out, talking comic books, science fiction and TV in between finding out just how Ray gets paid to play.

Are you curious?

What’s your favourite comic book and / or super-character (hero or villain)?

What superpower do you wish you had, and what would you do with it?

What’s the novel you’ve been meaning to write / finish / publish?

Show Notes

The cover of Forging Truth.

If You Want To Skip Ahead

  • The Interview Begins: 02:39
    • Going from Fan to Author: 03:14
    • Three Years on Forging Truth 05:00
    • Kickstarter: 07:00
    • The Difference Between Comic Books and Novels: 10:00
    • In Five Years’ Time? 11:35
    • Trilogy vs. Ongoing Series: 13:00
    • “The Grim Wars” 16:20
    • Self-Publishing via e-Books 18:15
    • Plugging the Blog Tour: 20:45
  • Seeking Interviewees: 21:13