Episode 16: Saffron Bryant, Fantasy Author, Biomedicine Student and Arse-Kicker of Cancer

It’s easy sometimes to feel that you have so much on your plate that you’ll never get anything done. North Queenslander Saffron Bryant is one of those people who puts the lie to that belief. Saffron turns twenty-two in December, and in the last couple of years, she not only completed a degree in biomedicine, but she also wrote and self-published the first in a series of fantasy novels, The Fallen Star.

If that wasn’t enough to show people that there are no excuses, Saffron completed those two massive projects whilst undergoing surgery to remove a brain tumour.

On top of all that, Saffron is going back for more of, thankfully, two of the above three things, working to complete an honours degree in biomedicine and the second novel in the Lost Child Saga. I just had to have a chat with her about how she got and still gets it all done.

Are you curious?

Cover image of The Fallen Star, by Saffron Bryant.

The cover of The Fallen Star, by Saffron Bryant.

When has something unexpected come into your life and made you quit procrastinating – or taken time you thought you would have away?

What big projects have you successfully juggled?

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The Lost Child Saga

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