Shaun Paulet, Comics2Movies and XCT – Episode 103

Geek collectable company owner Shaun Paulet decided to take a slightly different approach to the collectable market than most vendors. Instead of sourcing all the usual lines of stuff from the producers for the toy and collectable business, Shaun levered his passion for affordable collectibles to create, in conjunction with a collection of top Australian artists, a line of limited edition collectable prints available online or nationwide at Australian conventions for his company COMICS2MOVIES.

But after finding success within the artistic world of prints, Shaun decided to bring his own creativity and passion for comic books to the table, and thus was born XCT, a comic book series about clones of mythical monsters and ancient warriors like Spartacus fighting to the death for an audience of billions in the Xtreme Champion Tournament.  XCT was successfully launched in Australia, New Zealand and the US in 2014.

Shaun and I have a great chat about high school sporting achievements, being the most funded Australian comic book crowdfunding project on Kickstarter, letting other people play with your stories, competing with the iconic American comic books for shelf space in Australian stores and ensuring your daughter shares your love of comics!


Shaun Paulet: COMICS2MOVIES and XCT


XCT: Xtreme Champion Tournament



Boom Studios


Comic Writers and Artists

Barry Duffield (Listen to Barry’s chat for Episode 95!)

Brendan Halyday

Darren Close

Humberto Ramos

Jerry Gaylord (DeviantArt)

Comic Shops

All-Star Comics. MelbourneXCT ad

Cosmic Comics, Perth

KerSplatt! Comics and Collectables, Cairns (Listen to KerSplatt’s Mal and Amy’s chat for Episode 3!)

Mac’s Comics, Mackay

TV Shows and Movies


Filmink Magazine


UFC: Ultimate Fighting Championship