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Top 10 for 2016! Most Downloaded Episodes of Season 4 (Live Stream)

On a complete and utter whim after checking my podcast stats, I decided to record a quick live stream of the Top 10 Downloaded Episodes of 2016!

What’s your play?

Who was your favourite guest of the Paid to Play Podcast in 2016?

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A Break in January

The main image for this posting is the box in which I keep my sound kit; mic, mixing board, USB interface, cables, headphones and pop filter, with cloth cover and silica gel bag. I took the picture this morning after disassembling everything and packing it away under my desk.

(Handy little box, isn’t it? Great for mobile recordings – if my netbook weren’t buggered.)

The last few days have been pretty heavy on for the Podcast, between compiling a wishlist of guests for 2016, recording thank-yous to my 2015 guests and Patreon patrons and finally making Lost Episode 70 real. But in the name of preserving my sanity, I think the best thing I can do now is put it all aside for a little while, quite possibly until the end of the month. So no contacting potential guests, no scheduling, no recording, no editing, no posting.

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Season 4 Wish List, Supplemental: Critical Role and Geek & Sundry

So after lots of typing, chasing links, copying and pasting, I’d saved the posting of my wish list of folks I’d love to get on the show in 2016.

Then I realised I’d left someone off,someone I’d included in my tweetings but not in the Facebookery, because the person in question doesn’t have a Facebook page.

So, here he is: Matthew Mercer, voice talent and dungeon master for Geek & Sundry‘s web series Critical Role.

Come to think of it…

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