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Travis Bain: Terrifying and Thrilling on a Tight Budget – Episode 84

Independent film maker Travis Bain has been in love with movies and the making of them most of his life. His day job is filming weddings and corporate videos, but he pours his spare time into movies like the indie horror film Throwback, the upcoming disaster thriller Landfall, and a currently in preproduction love letter to the works of H. P. Lovecraft, Starspawn.

We chat about how a Mexican singer led to Travis committing to the course of his life, the difference between producers and directors, how hard it is to get your hands on the works of H.P. Lovecraft outside a major city and how kids these days substitute ambition for genuine love and curiosity.

Love of the Eighties on Camera: Dez Green – Episode 53

Cairns filmmaker Dez Green pays the bills by shooting video for local artist collectives and indigenous groups, but his passion project is a love letter to Eighties movies and TV called Dimension Man!

Chat-Only Version on YouTube

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Episode 19: Matt A., Actor

Have you ever had that thing that you discovered that you both love doing and you’re good at? You know, that thing you told yourself would never work, so you put it aside in favour of learning a skill that you could employ in the nine-to-five?

Matt A. has: Acting. But after trying the nine-to-five for a while as a marketer, he decided to give his vocation a shot, heading to New York to train in film and television, then to the UK to build himself an acting career in Europe.

Now that he’s back in Australia’s fair shores, I caught up with him on Skype to talk about how he returned to his vocation and the work he’s done since – including becoming a gun-toting military badass in a short science fiction action film!

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