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David O. Steele, A Quest for Magic and Steele – Episode 117

Voice actor, narrator and RPG actual play podcast Host David O. Steele is one of the crew of the podcast, A Quest for Magic and Steele. In each episode, David and five others create a tale of sword and sorcery, elves and dwarves, using the fifth edition of the Dungeons and Dragons RPG rules. They get paid to play via a Patreon page created in December 2016.

I’ve been catching up on A Quest For Magic And Steele for the past few months and it’s always fun listening to David portray his character, Gnu Gnu, a gnome bard with a mouth quite big enough to fit both his feet in, which he does regularly and gleeflully.

Join us for a chat about approaching Patreon as a podcaster, David’s next projects, the joy of discovering roleplaying games through your children and repurposing content for Patreon!

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Mariah Avix, 600 Second Saga – Episode 113

Podcaster, voice talent and author Mariah Avix is the creator of the podcast, 600 Second Saga; a space for developing authors to explore the realms of science fiction and fantasy in 10 minutes or less every week. On March 20th, 2017, Mariah celebrated the first anniversary of 600 Second Saga, having released an episode a week for the last fifty-two weeks! After a short break, the show will return for its second season on April 5th!

Mariah also narrates audiobooks and writes magical tales of how technology will change our world, and technologically laced tales of magic that probably isn’t real.

Join us for a great chat about The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the division of trust between writer and reader, how current references can become future Easter eggs, getting to the meat of the story in 1,000 words, the benefits of pre-planning your podcast and working diversity into your freelance portfolio – and keep listening after the chat wraps for one of Mariah’s flash fiction works, “An Axe”!

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Scott Doucet, Podcast Coach – Episode 99

Podcast coach and host Scott Doucet loves podcasts. He loves listening to them. He loves making them and helping people make them. He loves them so much that he co-founded and continues to administer a huge community of podcasters on Facebook.

And just recently, he’s applied his experience and passion for podcasting to launch an all-new show, Podcast Bay, where he invites podcasters new and veteran to talk about the trash, the treasure and the trickery of the podcasting game!

We have a great chat about Scott’s first job in radio at 14, his discovery that podcasting isn’t just guys sitting around talking movies, finding a mentorship on a budget, and being hockey in the streets but Warhammer 40K in the sheets!

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The Thrill of Self-Publishing Thrillers: Joanna Penn – Episode 45

If Joanna Penn wasn’t an entrepreneur when the novelist bug bit, she was certainly on her way there, with a web log and podcast about self-publishing and a regular speaking gig. Then a chance encounter with NaNoWriMo, an annual writing challenge, resulted in over fifty thousand words of her first novel, the occult action thriller Pentecost.

Joanna levered her existing knowledge of the publishing industry to make Pentecost (now known as Stone of Fire), its sequels in the Arkane series and her second book series, London Psychic, into independent publishing success stories. After having listened to her podacst for years, it was a privilege to chat with Joanna about how she makes sure to keep her noveling, blogging, podcasting and speaking plates all spinning, how Australia helped her discover the Amazon Kindle and just what it means to keep showing up for your dream every day, even when you’re already what most would consider a success.

Chat-Only version:

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Podcast Marketing: Tim Reid, Episode 25

It’s one thing to talk about getting paid to play, and another to turn your play into something that others will want to buy. But getting the word about how great your thing is and how it will help / entertain people? That’s a whole different kind of challenge, especially when you’re just starting out and your marketing budget doesn’t even have a brass razoo.

That’s where Tim Reid, host of the Small Business Big Marketing podcast, comes in. Tim is a longtime marketing guru who quit working for some huge agencies seven years ago to go into business for himself. Not only is each weekly episode a fun chat with a businessperson taking an innovative approach to connecting with his or her customers, it’s also a great advertisement for Tim’s marketing consultant and speaking services!

I have to thank my old mate Marcus Herstik for hipping me to Tim, who is the kind of guy I want to be when I grow up: Confident, relaxed, gracious and great to share one of his famous fireside chats with!

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Listen to These Inspiring Stories of Overcoming Disease and Disability

A few days ago, you did the New Year’s Resolution thing. You took a look at 2012, identified the things you could do better. You opened up your secret heart a bit and made promises to do the things that you’ve always wanted to.

But now it’s the fourth of January, and you’re already looking at the return of the usual routine. Maybe you’re about to go off leave. Maybe you’re already back at work. And as those all too familiar pressures resume their presence in your life, you start to worry. You realise you’ve got no real idea how to get to where you want to be from where you are.

What’s worse, you don’t know what’s just around the corner.

It’s a huge, complex world we live in. Even when we think we have things under control, the vast and microscopic forces of life can conspire to change everything in an instant.

How can we hope to truly make our personal passions real when even our own bodies and brains can conspire against us?

I’m here with good news. Not only can we do it, but people have done it.

I’ve spoken with them.

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How Does Your Fall Back Position Help You With Your Dream Career?

At first, a fall-back position may seem an excuse to chicken out of following your passion, working a second job as a betrayal of your dream, a diversion of your valuable time.

Take George Clooney, for example. There’s something attributed to him that’s always stuck with me:

His father kept trying to tell him that he needed to stay in college so that he would have something to fall back on. George’s reply was “If I have something to fall back on, then I will”

– From a George Clooney fan web site.

It’s the sort of thing that makes me thing that I ought to be diverting as much time as possible into pursuing my own vocation.

That every second spent on finding other ways of supporting myself is a betrayal of that dream.

But as I interview people for The Paid to Play Podcast, I’m discovering something different:

A lot of creatives are using their “fall-backs” to ensure that they can give their best when they approach their passion.

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Paid to Play: The Christmas 2012 Special Episode

Ho ho ho! It’s Santa Rob here, with a special gift for all the good boys and girls who listen to the Paid to Play Podcast!

Okay, okay, fine. I know, I ran out of interviews. But I’ve had the idea of doing a year-in-review blog post / podcast for a while, and now seemed the opportune time!

So join me as I talk about how 2012 has been a year of change, the advent of the Paid to Play Podcast and what to look forward to in 2013!

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Episode 12: Mur Lafferty, Author and Podcaster

Mur Lafferty is one of the first podcasters I ever listened to. When I decided to take a crack at writing again, I stumbled across Mur’s podcast I Should Be Writing and downloaded as much of it as I could – which is a lot of episodes. Just recently, Mur recorded her 250th episode – and that’s not counting all the extra episodes she’s done.

I Should Be Writing is for people who want to be authors what I hope my podcast is for people who want to follow their passions. Though she has a strong genre focus, Mur interviews authors who have secured themselves publishing deals for any works, asking them about how they write and how they got published. Not only that, Mur gives all us wannabes a little moral support by talking about her own progress to published authordom.

That’s right; Mur Lafferty is also an author, with two novels (one published and one self-published), a series of novellas and a raft of short stories – not to mention another novel coming out next year via publisher Orbit Books!

But not only is Mur a podcaster, she’s a podcasting professional. On top of I Should Be Writing, Mur is the senior editor of the science fiction short story podcast, Escape Pod (for which she also writes and narrates) and host of the official podcast of UK publisher Angry Robot Books.

So I just had to interview her about how she gets it all done!

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Ten Guests We Want on the Paid to Play Podcast

Episode 10 of the Paid to Play Podcast goes live tomorrow. My fledgling podcast will have hit double-digit episodes. That, friends, is pretty freaking awesome!

What’s even more awesome is the thought that I could well keep on going until I hit one hundred episodes. Why not, after all? I’m enjoying my interviews, making new friends of both guests and listeners, learning about audio hardware and editing – who wouldn’t want to keep going?

This relies, though, on my getting at ninety more people on the show. Well, eighty-nine – I already have one more interview recorded.

Who could those eighty-nine people be?

Okay, eighty-nine’s a big number. Let’s just stick with ten for now.

But who could be in that ten?

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