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Love of the Eighties on Camera: Dez Green – Episode 53

Cairns filmmaker Dez Green pays the bills by shooting video for local artist collectives and indigenous groups, but his passion project is a love letter to Eighties movies and TV called Dimension Man!

Chat-Only Version on YouTube

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Why Should Paid To Play Become a Video Podcast?

Every now and again, a mate forwards me a link to a website¬†which is advertising for video-bloggers to come on board. My first reaction is usually, “Thanks for the thought, but for crying out loud – I’m a podcaster, not a video blogger!”

Yet, I’ve started getting curious about the idea. I’ve played with video recordings a few times, and creating video versions of Paid to Play has lurked at the back of my mind for a good while.

Is video the next logical step for Paid to Play?

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