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Season 4 Wish List, Supplemental: Critical Role and Geek & Sundry

So after lots of typing, chasing links, copying and pasting, I’d saved the posting of my wish list of folks I’d love to get on the show in 2016.

Then I realised I’d left someone off,someone I’d included in my tweetings but not in the Facebookery, because the person in question doesn’t have a Facebook page.

So, here he is: Matthew Mercer, voice talent and dungeon master for Geek & Sundry‘s web series Critical Role.

Come to think of it…

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Ten Guests We Want on the Paid to Play Podcast

Episode 10 of the Paid to Play Podcast goes live tomorrow. My fledgling podcast will have hit double-digit episodes. That, friends, is pretty freaking awesome!

What’s even more awesome is the thought that I could well keep on going until I hit one hundred episodes. Why not, after all? I’m enjoying my interviews, making new friends of both guests and listeners, learning about audio hardware and editing – who wouldn’t want to keep going?

This relies, though, on my getting at ninety more people on the show. Well, eighty-nine – I already have one more interview recorded.

Who could those eighty-nine people be?

Okay, eighty-nine’s a big number. Let’s just stick with ten for now.

But who could be in that ten?

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