Getting a Book Published and Overcoming Affliction: Talitha Kalago, Episode 22

Once again, I worry about whether I’m selling my guest the wrong way. Really, the quality of the maker’s work ought to sell itself.

But again, there is that story of having one of the best explanations for not following your passion in the world and still not letting that stop you. Talitha Kalago battles a potentially fatal disease known as Stevens-Johnson syndrome. It’s a fight which could almost be a full-time occupation itself.

But while most of us only talk about getting a book published, Talitha has carved out the time to not only write but find an agent and get her work on the shelves. When I interviewed her, Talitha had just received her first royalty cheque!

This podcast, thankfully, is more about that journey to publishing that all authors face and how you can get your career as a writer started. Listen and enjoy!

Are you curious?

When did you first start on your vocation? If you’re not moving yet, what’s holding you up?

Show Notes

Talitha Kalago

Talitha’s home site: Traditional Evolution

The opening scene of The Hungry People

Talitha’s Romance Pen Name: Zaide Bishop

Zaide’s first published novel: Eliza’s Awakening


Friends and Helpers

Scarlett Rugers Cover Design

Matt Farmer Copy Writing



Carina Press

Talitha’s Inspiration

Joe Abercrombie

Stephen King

Karin Slaughter

Lynn Flewelling

Robert T. Bakker (Wikipedia)

China Mieville

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

The entry on Wikipedia

Talitha’s Chair

The Schiavello Liberty Mesh

Featured image provided by Talitha Kalago.