“TDot” Anthony Sargent, Podcaster and Evolving Human – Episode 104

Podcaster and creative TDot, also known as Anthony Sargent, is all about helping folk get out and stay out of the nine-to-five rat race and being the best themselves they can be. He created and hosted Bursting Through the 925, a weekly podcast where we interview a different entrepreneurial minded guest to see what they are doing to get or stay out of the nine-to-five, and is working on a new chat-format show, Six Hundred Degrees of Separation. He may even be starting a Fillipino import-export business!

This episode is a great, straight up chat, where TDot and I pretty much go on about what comes to mind, including television shows, a three-year struggle with the Philippine authorities to get his wife and child to the States, getting present in everything you do, the “newness” of Kevin Hart, growing vegetables and why aiming to be better than your idols is the best compliment you can give them.

“TDot” – Anthony Sargent

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