Episode 2: Terry Serio, Actor and Musician

Content Warning: This episode of the Paid to Play Podcast contains high levels of Star-Struck Gushing.

See, the gent whom I had the privilege of interviewing for the second episode is Terry Serio, the hardest-working performer in Australia today. He’s been acting and making music since he was knee-high to a grasshopper, and I ask him just how he sustains his career in getting paid to play.

He also happens to be my second cousin, from the Perth branch of the family!

The answers turned into a half-hour long conversation, so grab yourself a cuppa and settle in for a great chat!

Show Notes

If You Want To Skip Ahead

  • The Ministry of Truth (Terry is in the white suit in the middle). From TerrySerio.com.au

    The Interview Begins: 03:27

    • When The Bug Bit: Running on Empty and Shout!: 03:41
    • The Physical Challenges of Performance: 7:45
    • The Ministry of Truth: 11:25
    • Stagefright! and the Australian Creative Family: 12:54
    • Being a Working Artist and Passing the Love On: 17: 20
    • Keeping Busy and Not Falling Back: 21:5o
    • Writing the Blues: 25:00
    • What’s Next for Terry – Honouring the Music: 28:50
    • The Internet and the Modern Artist: 32:40
    • Underbelly: Badness: 37:40
  • Conclusion and Seeking Interviewees: 39:02