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Notes on the podcast and my own journey toward getting paid to play!

A Break in January

The main image for this posting is the box in which I keep my sound kit; mic, mixing board, USB interface, cables, headphones and pop filter, with cloth cover and silica gel bag. I took the picture this morning after disassembling everything and packing it away under my desk.

(Handy little box, isn’t it? Great for mobile recordings – if my netbook weren’t buggered.)

The last few days have been pretty heavy on for the Podcast, between compiling a wishlist of guests for 2016, recording thank-yous to my 2015 guests and Patreon patrons and finally making Lost Episode 70 real. But in the name of preserving my sanity, I think the best thing I can do now is put it all aside for a little while, quite possibly until the end of the month. So no contacting potential guests, no scheduling, no recording, no editing, no posting.

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Season 4 Wish List, Supplemental: Critical Role and Geek & Sundry

So after lots of typing, chasing links, copying and pasting, I’d saved the posting of my wish list of folks I’d love to get on the show in 2016.

Then I realised I’d left someone off,someone I’d included in my tweetings but not in the Facebookery, because the person in question doesn’t have a Facebook page.

So, here he is: Matthew Mercer, voice talent and dungeon master for Geek & Sundry‘s web series Critical Role.

Come to think of it…

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Keep Showing Up: Episode 60

I don’t know how well this experiment of Even Episodes via Live Chat is going, but I’m having fun doing it! In this live-streamed Even Episode, I talk like a pirate about my own progress on getting paid to play! Special Guest Game: FTL!

Thank you to all my lovely audience members Lilith and Birdy for coming along!


WARNING: Sound issues present in the video version.

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Imposing Your Pains On Others

The main struggle I’ve had with being an entrepreneur is this business of identifying someone else’s pain – understanding where there’s a problem in someone’s life that she feels like she can’t solve on her own. from the on it’s a process of analysing that problem and figuring out where, when and how you can help out. I’m a bit of an introvert; my own pains and worries tend to occupy most of my mental space and I have no idea how to fix those, let alone others’.

So when I meet folks who are on my general wavelength and nursing ideas about getting Paid to Play, I start getting interested.

But does that count as a legitimate, capital-P Pain for an entrepreneur to capitalise on?

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Tell Yourself You’re Better Than You Think

After my chat with Joanna Penn, you might notice that I used the term “disaster” when I was discussing the complications that occurred whilst getting Episode 45 in the can.

In the end, the episode came out fine – thanks in the main to Joanna herself – so it wasn’t really a disaster. And maybe that’s the point.

Something – well, let’s face it, some things – went wrong in the lead up to and during my chat with Joanna. And I do what, I think, a lot of us tend to do when things go wrong.

I beat myself up about it.

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Paid to Play: A New Direction?

A couple of days ago, I had a “Stop The World, I Want To Get Off” moment. The folks who follow the Podcast over on Facebook would have seen my notice announcing that I’d cancelled all scheduled chats while I work out what direction I want to take the show in.

The result? See below…


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Rob’s Progress: How Can Anyone Else Care About This Stuff?

In my last post, I went through the play I’ve been doing lately and my endeavours to monetise it. But I think it’s easy to talk about progress without mentioning what stops us from making it.

I remember talking with Mal of KerSplatt Comics and Collectables about his fantastic drawing and digital colouring skills. Mal has a profile on DeviantArt where he puts his works up; not only that, he’ll even do work for commission. I asked him about getting paid to draw once, and he told me that he had a hard time charging for the time he put into drawing for others, mostly because he saw it as cheating.

I think we all have that problem.

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The 100 Facebook Likes Party: My Captain, My King

On Facebook, I promised that once a hundred people liked The Paid to Play Podcast’s page, I’d read something out.  Well, thanks to the work of the people who love listening to the podcast, I hit the one hundred likes mark a couple of days ago (as of this writing, 103 people like the page)!

So, of the three requests to read stuff out, here are two. Be warned, I’ve not attempted to do any voices or recreate any performances here; I’ve just read them fairly cold and tried to give them emotion close enough to what’s on the page.

Firstly, Franki Andersen’s request that I read Captain Jean-Luc Picard’s first ever Captain’s Log from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

And secondly, here, per Paul Cockrem’s request, is (most of) Henry V’s “Saint Crispin’s Day” speech from William Shakespeare’s Henry V.

Enjoy or suffer through as appropriate!

An Inventory of Play: Rob’s Progress #1

I record and publish The Paid to Play Podcast because I believe that other people can value the things we enjoy doing, and that if we stand by that value of our play, we can all earn money – whether a little extra on top of our day jobs or enough to support ourselves completely – from them.

But one thing I always want to make sure I do is to practice what I preach. If I reckon others can stand by their play and ask for reward from those who value it, then so can I. And the best way I can do that is to talk about my own endeavours.

The good bit is, there have been some recent and very interesting developments on that front that I’m keen to share with you!

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