Keeping it About the People: Deji Adiatu, Actor and Employment Agent – Episode 32

Deji Adiatu migrated from Nigeria to Australia a few years ago and has been working almost non-stop since, not just as an actor who got his break as an extra on no less than The Great Gatsby (yes, that The Great Gatsby) but also with charity organisations like the UN High Commission for Refugees and employment agencies seeking to place people looking for work.

And in the midst of all that, he’s been looking after his young son.

Deji is very much a humanist who believes in helping everyone be the best they can. I’m very lucky to have had him as a guest on the podcast!

What about you?

When have you worked to make your circumstances suit your family life?

How many gigs have you had going at once?


Acting Gigs

Rosey’s Talent Consultants, Sydney

Charity and Employment Placement

Australia for UNHCR

Australian Red Cross

MAXIMUS / MAX Employment