Jen Page: All-In on Geekiness – Episode 87

Full-time multi-talent geek Jen Page is a wonderful example of what can happen when we connect the little dynamo of energy inside us to the things we love to do. She juggles a full-time job managing Microsoft’s community of casual gamers with acting in indie films and web series, modelling her own fantasy fashion creations and making mermaid tails on commission!

Jen and I have a great chat about the life of someone who has gone all-in on every aspect of herself. We touch on how being a navy brat helped Jen overcome shyness, how stage work is not her thing, her secret desire to be a freelance thief for tabletop roleplaying game groups and just how she manages to make time for all her interests and a day job that doesn’t stick to a set nine-to-five!

Thanks to my guest for Episode 71, Tonja Davis, for getting me in touch with Jen!