S.R. Ringuette, Webcomic Writer and Artist – Episode 112

S.R. Ringuette is author/illustrator/cartoonist and educator who, from his hometown of Calgary, Alberta, attempts to use creativity as a secret staircase to subvert traditional employment. His lifelong love of cartooning turned into making comics as an adult and eventually teaching kids and teens to do the same.

Sebastien has created a comic series, The Aversion Bureau, that has become two collections and even a pair of novels. He also created the web comic Gamer Roommates and in November 2016 launched a new web comic, It Has Pictures! Since then, Sebastien has been posting new witty art based on whatever takes his fancy and doing freelance design work for web series, podcasts and friends in between.

Join us for a great chat about the perfect storm of arrogance and ignorance, the importance of loving your own work, knowing when to step away from the things you love doing and how nothing matters more than the personal touch!

I must thank my guest for Episode 77, Teri Litorco, for recommending Sebastien!

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Calvin and Hobbes (Wikipedia)

Penny Arcade

Starslip by Kris Straub (Sebastien’s favourite web comic artist)

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Castle Crashers


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