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How Frequent Should the Paid to Play Podcast Be?

There’s something I didn’t mention in my last post about marketing the Paid to Play Podcast, because I hadn’t really thought about it at the time. If I want to offer the Podcast as a vehicle for advertising, whether on the site or within episodes, I need to demonstrate to any advertiser that I have an audience that keeps coming back.

Which, therefore, means I have to give that audience reason to keep coming back on a regular basis. Logically, that reason would be new interviews.

But how often should I be providing those new interviews?

How frequent should the Paid to Play Podcast be?

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How Do I Make the Paid to Play Podcast… Pay?

For six episodes of the Paid to Play Podcast I’ve been talking with people across town, across the country and across the globe about how they took what they loved to do and turned it into something that other people paid them to do. I’ve interviewed a writer, an actor, a painter, three musicians and three shop owners.

But I’ve not talked about myself that much – at least, not myself as someone who wants to get paid to play too.

See, until now, I’ve not thought that I really had anything to offer. I’m a writer, but my first actual fiction “product” is still a ways off and freelancing seems like diluting my passion instead of picking it.

And while I’ve toyed with the idea of monetising this blog, that requires a narrowness of focus that I really didn’t want to give it – not to mention that I didn’t feel as though there was a particular subject I wanted to focus on at the expense of just blogging about where my curiosity takes me.

Now, though, I reckon I have that product that I love to make – the interviews I’ve done and have yet to do. It seems high time, then, that I started developing a plan to turn the play of talking with people into pay.

But where do I start?

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Episode 4: Jeremy Judd, DJ and Street Artist

If there’s one guy who’s managed to strike the ideal balance of work life, home life and getting paid to play, it’s Jeremy Judd. This former Adelaidian and now Cairnsite is an active DJ, street artist, entertainment advertising sales executive and event manager, not to mention dad and smokin’ hot fiancé (just ask his lady Kay)!

I’ve been lucky enough to work with and get to know Jeremy for the past couple of years, and after scheduling issues and a bout of laziness on my part, I finally sit down with Jeremy on Skype to ask how he got to where he is and how he does it all now.

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A Return to Old Playing and Getting Paid to Podcast

It’s been a good seven days here at the Realm. It’s been an upswing in both progress toward getting paid to play and, well, just playing.

On the play front, Cairns’ first dedicated comic book store opened on Thursday, May the 31st. By luck, I wound up the first person through the door of KerSplatt! Comics (I was on my morning break at work). Though I was planning on just browsing, I got on so well with owners and operators Mal and Amy that I couldn’t just walk right out again without something, which turned out to be Issue 515 of The Invincible Iron Man!

Since then, I’ve popped in with such frequency that Mal has joked about making me the store mascot! I’m suddenly having visions of the two guys down the other end of the bar in Cheers.

Though it’s still early days, the business seems to be keeping Mal and Amy pretty busy, with sales of Magic: The Gathering cards doing as well as the comics. Some visitors, though, have been asking about Dungeons & Dragons books, and while Mal and Amy are focusing on their core business right at the moment, it seems pretty likely that KerSplatt! could end up as Cairns’ first Friendly Local Game Store as well!

Which is an interesting piece of timing.

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