Episode 7: Elizabeth Vaughan, Romantic Fantasy Author

I’m sad to say that some connectivity issues prevented this interview with bestselling romantic fantasy author Elizabeth Vaughan being as good as it deserved to be. The podcast you’ll hear is actually our second attempt at this interview after my call recorder butchered the first take a week before.

This time I made sure to run two recordings simultaneously. While the second one was largely intact, editing it took longer than otherwise, and some of the times I’m speaking you’ll hear some hiss in the background.

But you know you have a quality guest when, after you discover that your recording is stuffed, your guest agrees to come back a week later and do it all again! I must thank Elizabeth for giving of her precious writing time twice over to chat with me.

In this interview, we talk about how Elizabeth was dared to start writing seriously by a friend and how that dare became seven novels (two of which made it into the USA Today bestseller lists) with at least three more on the way. We also discuss Beth’s influences, friends, mentors and motivators, as well as science fiction and fantasy conventions and her love of Dungeons & Dragons.

Question to My Listeners: How Often Do You Want New Episodes?

I want to establish a schedule for The Paid to Play Podcast, make it so that you can depend on a new episode coming out on a regular basis. As I mentioned whiel talking with Beth, I already have another interview in the can waiting on edit and assembly and I have around ten more people with whom I’m working out dates to record interviews.

How frequent do you want this podcast to be? Do you want a new one every week? Fortnight? Month?

Please comment below!

Are You Curious?

The 2011 re-issue cover of Warprize by Elizabeth Vaughan

Warprize, by Elizabeth Vaughan.

When have you talked about what what you want to be doing with yourself? Who called your bluff, and what resulted from it?

What do you reckon has been a training ground for your imagination?

Show Notes

If You Want to Skip Ahead

  • 03:12 – The Interview Commences
  • 08:24 – Influences and Reading While Writing
  • 12:12 – Scheduling Writing and Fighting the Inner Critic
  • 18:42 – Sacrifices Made on the Altar of Authordom
  • 22:06 – The Creative Benefits of Gaming
  • 28:42 – Selling Warprize
  • 33:10 – Getting Paid to Play and the Benefits of a Day Job
  • 37:49 – What’s Next for Elizabeth Vaughan?
  • 42:21 – Australian Conventions and Geek Culture
  • 47:53 – Cross-Media Opportunities for Elizabeth’s Novels
  • 54:03 – Advice to New Writers
  • 54:57- Cliffhangers!


Elizabeth Vaughan’s Official Home Page


The Chronicles of the Warlands

The Epic of Palins

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The cover of Warcry, by Elizabeth Vaughan

Warcry, by Elizabeth Vaughan

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Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons Online Diablo II



World Fantasy

Worldcon (which was in Melbourne, not Brisbane, a few years ago – Ooops!)

PAX – Penny Arcade Expo

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