Bringing Princesses to Life: Sharna, Ever After Parties – Episode 69

It’s interesting how things tuned out: The recording order of my chat with Sharna, owner and operator of and performer in Ever After Parties, comes out twelve months after she started the company!

Ever After Parties specialises in making make-believe a little more real by bringing beloved characters from animated movies to children’s parties. It’s cosplay in one of its purer forms; it’s no coincidence that Sharna was a cosplayer before she got into performing at kids’ parties.

We chat about Sharna’s love of anime and Disney, going from a princess party company employee to staring her own company at just sixteen years of age (while still at high school) and the support you can get from the most unlikely quarters as long as you stand by your paid play!


Sharna, Ever After Parties

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Party Characters

Elsa and Anna, the Snow Sisters


Sharna’s Loves

Walt Disney World

First Cosplays


Ever After Parties performers Summer and Sharna (right) making a princess-to-be’s day!

Konata, Lucky Star

Hatsune Miku, Vocaloid

Misa, Death Note

Chi, Chobits




Twerkin Gherkin

Featured image and photos supplied by Sharna