The Soul of an Animal: Beck and Ken Drake, Zoo Studio Pet Photography – Episode 55

After taking photos of pets as a hobby for years, it took Ken Drake answering the dreaded, “What do you do for work?” question with what he wished he could be doing (instead of the software engineer work he’d been looking for) to start him down the path of getting Paid to Play.

Ken’s wife Beck had similarly been in business and marketing for years, and when her husband’s sideline began gathering steam, Beck herself saw an opportunity to start bringing meaning into the work she’d already been doing.

The result is Zoo Studio, which produces fantastic images of people’s pets! These two were a request of my wife Vickie, and I was very glad to chat with them about going Venkman on one of the most joyous hobbies possible!

Chat-Only Version on YouTube

What’s your play?

Tell us about your pets. Who are they, and what are some of your fondest memories of being with them?

How have you experimented with a particular niche in a broad field?

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Featured image, “Ball Games with Mia and Jetson”, by Zoo Studio