Podcast Marketing: Tim Reid, Episode 25

It’s one thing to talk about getting paid to play, and another to turn your play into something that others will want to buy. But getting the word about how great your thing is and how it will help / entertain people? That’s a whole different kind of challenge, especially when you’re just starting out and your marketing budget doesn’t even have a brass razoo.

That’s where Tim Reid, host of the Small Business Big Marketing podcast, comes in. Tim is a longtime marketing guru who quit working for some huge agencies seven years ago to go into business for himself. Not only is each weekly episode a fun chat with a businessperson taking an innovative approach to connecting with his or her customers, it’s also a great advertisement for Tim’s marketing consultant and speaking services!

I have to thank my old mate Marcus Herstik for hipping me to Tim, who is the kind of guy I want to be when I grow up: Confident, relaxed, gracious and great to share one of his famous fireside chats with!

Are you curious?

What’s the hardest part about marketing yourself and / or your product?

Outside living your dream, what else would motivate you to get paid to play? Travel? New experiences? More time with those you love?

What mountain of knowledge are you standing on?

Show Notes

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Tim’s Website: The Ideas Guy

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Tim’s Mastermind Group: Deep Dive Mastermind

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