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Episode 20: Catherine Caine, Cash and Joy

I’ve been reading a lot of small business sites lately. I’ve noticed that there’s something that most of them assume – that you already have a business on the go, a product and / or service ready for sale, and you just need help taking it to “the next level.”

There aren’t anywhere near as many resources for people who want to make a career change, but don’t yet know what the business of their own personal business will be, who aren’t sure what they have that can become a product or service – or simply don’t believe that anyone else could find value in their wildest, deepest, most secret passions.

That’s a niche that Catherine Caine is only too happy to fill.

While she may have started out the way a lot of Internet business folks do – helping folks build websites – her project for the last two years, Cash and Joy, is geared specifically to help you dig past the crap you and others have layered over the top of your passions and get started on finding the people who will pay money for your ideal work.

I call Catherine a consulting motivator (she called me an “ideas explorer” when she had me on her podcast) and in this episode, I talk with Catherine about the process of experimentation that enabled her to build Cash and Joy into her full time vocation!

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