Teri Litorco: Sharing Tabletop Love on the Web – Episode 77

Tabletop wargame blogger Teri Litorco is keen on all things tabletop gaming, but ferociously so on wargames using miniature figures, from the big kahunas of the scene like Warhammer 40,000 to heavy-hitting newcomers like WarMachine. Her goal is to demystify the at-times complex hobby for newcomers and ease them into assembling, painting and playing.

Teri has been assembling, painting, playing and sharing her passion for these figures and games online for years via text and video, but for the past few, geek culture website Geek & Sundry has been hiring Teri to add her enthusiasm to their brand!

Brace yourselves for a solid geek-out episode, folks! I got to share a fantastic hour and a half with this incandescent Canadian to talk about her favourite WarMachine side, being possibly the first female Games Workshop store employee in Canada, hanging out with geek luminaries like Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton and adapting the techniques of makeup and fashion vloggers to enhance your geek vlogging skills!