Pop Culture Conventions in the Sticks: Charlie Kennell and Grant Robinson – Episode 46

We geeks are every where, and in force. That, I reckon, is the main takeaway from this chat with Charlie Kennell and Grant Robinson. One is about to do what conventional wisdom would dictate as impossible – organise a pop culture convention in a semi-rural Queensland city. The other is about to do it again.

In this episode, I chat with Charlie Kennell, the organiser of Cairns’ first pop culture convention, Tropicon, and Grant Robinson, organiser of Sugar City Con, which had its first outing in Mackay last year and returns to Mackay this year, about just what it takes to manage and run a convention in your off-hours.

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What’s your play?

What’s your favourite pop culture convention? Which one is on your wish list?

How did your last attempt to organise a get-together go?

Tropicon – Saturday, July 11th, 2015, Cairns

Official Site


Crowdfunding: IndieGoGo

Sugar City Con – Saturday August 29th & Sunday, August 30th, 2015, Mackay

Official Site

Crowdfunding: IndieGoGo

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Featured images sourced from Charlie Kennell and Grant Robinson.