A Rising Star of Australian Cosplay: Vicky-Vic – Episode 41

In her handful of years in the hobby, Vicky-Vic has risen to the forefront of the Australian cosplay scene, a feat doubly impressive when she not only lives a little off the beaten track in Queensland, but also works as a registered nurse, a job that would take the spare energy out of anyone.

Nonetheless, Vicky-Vic’s enthusiasm and fantastic results have made her star rise so much that organisers of pop culture conventions across the region have begun inviting her as a guest and also a judge of their cosplay competitions. And she’s not even monetised her play (yet)!

It was a pleasure to chat with Vicky-Vic, who will be one of the three guest judges of Tropicon’s cosplay competition, about her love of the hobby, the fun folks in the scene and some of the unique difficulties of being not just an Australian cosplayer, but a slightly remote Australian cosplayer!

I also make a couple of exciting announcements on the Patreon front at the beginning of the episode!

What’s your play?

What hobby or interest have you found yourself getting the hang of very quickly?

What product or skill that comes from your play are people already asking to buy from you?

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What Vicky digs

The Walking Dead

Final Fantasy X

Cosplays Mentioned

American Dream

USO Dancing Girl from Captain America: The First Avenger (Vicky’s favourite)

Sailor Pluto



Baby Alice Cosplay

Battlestar Blondie Cosplay (Thank you again, Dani!)

CB Studios Cosplay

Eve Beauregard

Evey Dantès – Dantès Inferno

Jessica Nigri

Liam McLeod – Brisbane’s 11th Doctor

Twerkin Gherkin


Beethy Photography (Episode 39)

Carlos Mayenco Cosplay Photographer

Forgotten Memories

Lorenzo So

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What A Big Camera


Captain America: The First Avenger

Sailor Moon

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Vicky-Vic_TropiconThe Great Zombie Escape Australia

Sugar City Con

Supanova 2012



Brisbane Entertainment Centre

RNA Showgrounds

Featured image from Vicky-Vic’s Facebook page; taken by Isabella Photography