Helping People Light Up: Kristen Baker – Episode 44

Kristen Baker was already a success. She’d completed a degree in opera, then become a commercial real estate agent raking in lots of money. Yet she still felt that neither opera nor real estate were her purpose in life; even opera placed too many limits on her creative nature.

Over a process of seven years, Kristen began trying different things until she found herself trying the first thing on her list of dream jobs: Career coach. Now Kristen has her own full-time business helping women bring their true selves into their working lives!

I chat with Kristen about the struggle of finding out what lights you up, how to go about making yourself known to your potential clients and keeping a healthy attitude toward money and being your own boss!

I’d like to thank Kristen for getting in touch; she is the first person to approach me via my Fancy a Chat? page, completely unsolicited!¬†Thanks also to Cheryl Woodhouse for spreading the word about the Podcast and pointing Kristen in my direction!

What’s your play?

What lights you up inside?

How have you helped others find their way?

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