The Season 4 Wish List

All right, so it’s pretty much a thing that I’m bringing the show back in 2016. I’ve got some plans for it that I’ll talk more about in the Lost Episode 70 (including this “season” business), but for now I’d like to talk potential guests, both those I’d love to have on and those you’d love to have on.

This all started when I was updating my Pinterest board of show guests over the past couple of days; once I got done with that, I felt the urge to update my board of want-ons for the show, which only had one pin. Now, it’s up to twenty-eight.

Then I went and update my Twitter list of want-ons (and renamed it, because Vickie asked me what a “want-on” was and it sounds more like a meal than a person) and had the bright idea of actually tweeting the lot so as to build a little buzz and hopefully get the attention of some of the folks on the list.

And after collecting Twitter handles, I collected Facebook page names and posted those this morning.

But as these folks also have website, I also want to list them here. So here’s my list of potential guests for 2016/ You’ll notice a few aspirational ones here, but if I can’t shoot for the moon with my own podcast every now and again, where’s the fun?

My Guest Wish List

Allan "Type 40" Carey (right) with Stan Lee (middle)

Allan “Type 40” Carey (right) with Stan Lee (middle)

Allan “TYPE 40” Carey, a.k.a. The TARDIS guy, cosplayer and replica prop maker.

Alanah ‘Zard’ Pearce, video game journalist and YouTuber.

Andrew W.K., rock and roll evangelist for peace,happiness and partying hard.

Peter Hollens and Evynne Hollens, powerhouse a capella performers.

Ivy Tenebrae, cosplayer and gaming live streamer.

Kelly “Cordelia Calls It Quits” Gurnett, blogger whom I’ve chatted with before and would love to have back on.


Dave “Walshy” Walsh, pro gaming champion and commentator.

Rae Johnston, game journalist and presenter for major TV networks , not to mention cosplayer!


Wayne Nichols

Wayne Nichols, freelance comic book artist.

Faruq Tauheed, actor, TV show host and former presenter for championship gaming events.

Stjepan Šejić and Linda Luksic Sejic, comic book artists and creators of awesome stuff like Death Vigil and BloodStain.

Scott Sigler, evil overlord, fuser of science fiction and gridiron and badass podcaster.

Cassim Akkerman, Cairns-based artist working on his own comic series.


Crystal Graziano in costume as Mourningstar from the online game, Firefall

Crystal Graziano of Crystal Graziano – Precious Cosplay and Art of Crystal Graziano, cosplayer and amazing pencil artist whom I’ve wanted to get on the show for a while!

Nicole Danielle Graham, comic book artist and colourist.

Twerkin Gherkin, cosplayer.

Travis Bain of Sapphire Pictures, maker of Throwback and the upcoming Starspawn.

Jimmy Fallon – does anyone else epitomise getting paid to play as much?

Leigh dall’Osto of LoveLeigh’s Cakery and Catering; another former guest with whom I’d love to chat about the latest iteration of her business.

DeanRankineDean Rankine, The Simpsons comic book artist.

Gavin “Miracle of Sound” Dunne, yet another former guest with whom I want to chat again!

Holly of Dark Side Comics UK; as we couldn’t make our schedules work for a voice chat, this will most likely be a correspondence interview.

Joel Zaslovsky of Value of Simple and the Smart and Simple Matters Podcast.

Emilie Wapnick, blogger and founder and manager of the Puttylike online community for multipotentialites.

Eve Beauregard, cosplayer and self-described “professional dork.”

Bruce Campbell, actor, director and deadite-slayer.

David Belle, actor, athlete and creator of “parkour”, or free-running.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson, film and TV actor and WWE champion.

Kristen Lanae, cosplayer, photographer and gaming live streamer

Celia Berrell of Celia Berrell’s Science Rhymes, writer, poet and science enthusiast.

What’s your play? – Your Guest Wish List

Which career crazies and income iconoclasts would YOU like me to chat with this year?

Images sourced from Facebook and other sources.