Steven Meissner, Prop and Replica Maker – Episode 106

Professional prop-maker Steven Meissner owns and operates SoloRoboto Industries as a full-time business. He makes custom and replica props, weapons, and accessories for cosplayers and collectors, and has occasionally made trophies for other companies, as well as worked on projects for the odd TV commercial.

Steven and I have a great chat about discovering that other people will pay you to make cosplay costumes for them, running the maths on your passion business, teaching yourself your craft with the help of a community, and what it means to live in a city that no one grew up in and where everyone’s pursuing a dream.

Thanks to my guest for episode 89, Bernadette Bentley, for recommending Steven!

Steven Meissner, SoloRoboto Industries

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Bernadette Bentley (my chat with Bernadette for Episode 89)

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Featured image supplied by Steven Meissner