Feisty Cuffs, Cosplayer and Host of Kapow! – Episode 100

Cosplayer and YouTube show host Feisty Cuffs has been in love with the cosplay community since her very first convention. She enjoys the creative process of constructing her own costumes and props, and picks her next cosplay projects based on whether she can learn a new technique or skill.

Feisty loves attending conventions as a cosplayer, panellist and cosplay judge, and connecting with like-minded geeks. You may even recognise her as one of the hosts and of the Kapow! Comic Book Show on YouTube.

Feisty and I have a great chat about being that friend you invite to a fancy dress party, a love of European comic books, meeting those crazy people you just click with, the awesomeness of being asked to host a cosplay competition at the Rooster Teeth Expo and her favourite comic book character of all time!

Keep listening after the chat wraps for a retrospective on the first 100 episodes of The Paid to Play Podcast!

Thanks to Glenn Hodges and my guest for episode 76, Twerkin Gherkin, for getting me in touch with Feisty!

Feisty Cuffs

Official Feisty Cuffs Website

The Kapow! Comic Book Show

Video Games

Final Fantasy VIII

Infinite Crisis (Wikipedia)

Cartoons, Comics and Movies

Adventure Time


Feisty Cuffs’ Atomic Wonder Woman cosplay, complete with chainsaw. Photo by Maleficent Images.

Angela (Wikipedia)


Guardians of the Galaxy


Penny Arcade




Wonder Woman

X-Ray and Vav

Cosplayers and Conventions

Comic Gong

Whoniverse (Doctor Who Convention)

Evey Dantes – Dantes Inferno (Check out my chat with Evey for Episode 57!)

Penny Arcade Expo

Rooster Teeth Expo (RTX) – AU

San Diego Comic Con

Twerkin Gherkin (Check out my chat with Twerkin for Episode 76!)

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