Episode 13: Leigh Dall’Osto, Supplemental

Leigh Dall’Osto is one of my more popular guests, and her story of going from the campaign trail of a local government election to opening a successful fusion of cafe and community centre in Edmonton, on Cairns’ south side, has garnered some interest outside the podcast too.

A few weeks ago I was talking with one of the writers at work about the podcast, and he asked me if I could pen a few words about career changes with Leigh as the sample case. I submittted a draft, and he asked if I could get Leigh to tell me more about that period between when Leigh lost the election and opened the cafe.

Thankfully, Leigh was happy to answer my extra questions over the phone. Thanks to having Leigh on speaker, I was able to record the conversation for quotes in the article – and after I was done, I realised the recording would make a great episode!

So please enjoy the return of the effervescent Leigh Dall’Osto to the Paid to Play Podcast!

Are You Curious?

How did you handle the outcome of a project that didn’t turn out as you’d hoped?

How have you used an existing awareness of yourself to draw attention to a project different form what you’ve done before?

Show Notes

Cairns Regional Council

Rob Pyne’s web site, The 4868 Report

Plan B Cafe – Bruce Highway, Edmonton

Featured image from Leigh Dall’Osto’s Facebook profile.