Episode 14: Brad Russell, Earth Toys

It’s one thing to start a business in order to sell a product, yet another to believe in the product and its benefits. But Brad Russell, the co-owner and operator of Earth Toys with his wife Bree, lives and breathes a whole philosophy of play that seems absent from most places that sell toys.

earth-toys-interior-2016-3In my fifth location interview, I visited Earth Toys, a shop in the middle of Cairns, to talk with Brad about how he and Bree set their business up and how it’s going, but came away not just with that but also a hefty slice of Brad himself.

Brad is a great guy to talk with: Always relaxed, always intelligent and always very insightful. Relax and let this one sink in!

And once you’ve finished this episode, drop in and see Brad when you’re next in the area. You’ll probably leave with something you hadn’t thought about buying before, but with a view on playing – and living – that you’d never considered before.

What’s your play?

earth-toys-interior-2016-1Tell us about a toy, game or object you have. What memories of fun shared with someone involving that object does it evoke in you?

What object not normally thought of as a toy has become a Big Boy’s / Girl’s Toy for you?

What product or business niche do you believe in so much that you’d be willing to set a business up around selling / providing it?

Show Notes

Earth Toys

Shop 6, Oceana Walk
55 Lake Street
Cairns, Qld 4870

Official Site

Fire Twirling

Wikipedia entry on fire dancing

The New Enterprise Incentive Scheme

Infomation page on the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations site

Featured image and store images provided by Bree Alyse.