Episode 9: Steven Cooke, Elite Aquariums

It’s fun talking about this podcast, not just because of telling people about the interesting thing I’m doing, but also because of the folks I come across whom I realise would make great guests!

Steven Cooke is a great example. He’s a colleague of mine, and a couple of weeks ago I was telling him about Paid to Play. In response, he started telling me about his own project: Creating and building a design of aquarium that features two tanks linked together by a clear tube. Naturally I had to have him on the show!

This led to my third location recording, which turned out to be in Steve’s office at work during a lunch break. So please listen to this interview with a guy who decided to take a concept he’d had at the back of his mind for six years and turn it into something real!

Are You Curious?

What have you built in our own back yard?

What’s lurking in your notebook, waiting for your time and effort to bring to life?

Show Notes

Elite Aquariums


Images provided by Elite Aquariums.