What’s Your Play? – Episode 72

I’ve spent over seventy episodes talking about my guests’ play and my own. But what abut your play?

I want to hear from / read you! Please let us know, whether by email, by comment here or on Facebook (including the Fans of the Podcast group), Google+, Twitter or Patreon (if you’re a backer – and if not, why not?), about the things that you’re doing right now or have been doing that you love to do, that you can’t not do, even if you have no idea of the value they might have for anyone else!


Podcaster’s Note

After editing the video episode in Windows Movie Maker, I decided that I wanted to use that version for the audio podcast rather than re-edit the audio I’d recorded in Audacity. The problem was that, while I can save the show an audio only file from Movie Maker, it’s in M4A format, which Audacity doesn’t support natively. There’s a plug-in library that you can download, but, try as I might I couldn’t get Audacity to recognise it.

So I went searching online and, after a few false starts, found Maniac Tools’ free M4a to MP3 converter programme and it did the job just fine.